Swaney family pictures

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Joel and Marietta Swaney

Dessie Swaney and Grady Phillips

Grady and Dessie Phillips, Willa Mae Bramlett and Evelyn Jeffrey

Dessie Swaney Loudermilk

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Joel and Marietta Swaney with children

Charles W. and Dessie Loudermilk

Dessie Swaney Loudermilk


Emma, Ethel, and Cloyed Swaney Dessie Loudermilk and Evelyn Jeffrey, ages 3 and 6

Dessie Swaney picture donated by

Helen Bramlett Dalton, niece of Nora Lousie Swaney Dupree

Reverse side of  picture at left
Bill Loudermilk and Dessie Loudermilk Dessie, unknown, and Evelyn Swaney Grady Phillips Grady Phillips and Glen