Loudermilk family pictures

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Charles W. and Dessie Loudermilk

Charles W. and Dessie Loudermilk

Dessie Loudermilk and baby Bill

Lena Duncan Loudermilk and friend (1926)

lst wife of Charles W. Loudermilk

Loudermilk Mill on Hazel Creek Henry Ervin and Martha Jane Landers Loudermilk
Jacob Loudermilk (1840s) Jacob Loudermilk (1870s) Loucinda Smith Dockins Loudermilk

William A. Loudermilk (killed in WWII at Normandy)

William Cannon Loudermilk


Matilda Loudermilk

(wife of William Cannon Loudermilk)

Paul and Rachel Grant
Alex and Mary Loudermilk
Willie Grant

Alex Ervin Loudermilk

Mary Grant Loudermilk

(wife of Alex Ervin)

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Loudermilk brothers Loudermilk brothers with Mary Grant Loudermilk

Jake, Ruth, Charles, and Joe

Rachel Grant, Jake Loudermilk, and Dessie Loudermilk Joe and Azalea Loudermilk

Jake Loudermilk and Mary Grant Loudermilk

January 1944

Paul Loudermilk and Rachel Grant Camille, Rachel Grant, and Jake Loudermilk Mary Grant Loudermilk and Joe Loudermilk
Jake Loudermilk family


James Ernest & Minnie Bell Loudermilk Dodd and their children -  circa 1920.  Left to right:  Gladys; Bernice; Herman; Eunice; Minnie holding Eula; Jim and Ernest standing on the porch. Herman Logan Dodd, son of James Ernest & Minnie Bell Loudermilk Dodd