Grant family pictures

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Jake Loudermilk and Mary Grant Loudermilk

January 1944

Paul and Rachel Grant
Alec and Mary Loudermilk
unknown male

Rachel Grant, Jake Loudermilk, and Dessie Loudermilk Loudermilk brothers with Mary Grant Loudermilk
Paul Loudermilk and Rachel Grant Mary Grant Loudermilk and Joe Loudermilk
Sons of William "Billy" Grant taken in 1910 in front of the G. W. Grant home in Cornelia, GA.  Located across the RR from Tom Martin's Store.

L to R:  Paul F., Calloway Wilford, Benjamin Worth, George Washington, Thomas Benton, Alexander Peter, James Hampton

Empty chairs represent brothers who have died:  infant son, John C. and William P.

Camille, Rachel Grant, and Jake Loudermilk