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Daniel Droddy (Drawdy, Drody, Drady, Droudy, Droddy, Draedee), Sr. (b. 1726, d. 1790)
Born in Ireland (possibly Donegal County) in 1726; Daniel Drawdy was the first Drawdy ancestor to come to America sometime between 1740 and 1745.  It is possible that Daniel came over on one of Captain James Patton’s ships to Hobbs Hole, Virginia or arrived at some other port since there are no known passenger lists for Patton’s ships.  It is also conceivable that Daniel may have landed in Pennsylvania and took the Pennsylvania wagon road that was so popular at the time.  Daniel and Elizabeth Douglas were married in 1745 in Augusta County, Virginia.  Their first child was born in 1746 and the children were listed in court documents as bound out around the Staunton, Virginia area through the Augusta Parish.  The first substantial court records show Daniel appearing in the Shenandoah Valley of Augusta County, Virginia in 1754.  He was listed in the “Augusta County Court Records, Chronicles of Scotch-Irish Settlers in Virginia, Volume I,” as Daniel Drody, Juryman, May 20, 1754.  This case was James Patton vs. James Calhoun. The case was submitted to arbitration because Patton had charged a fee for two patents that he had received free.  It is conceivable that Daniel was a resident of that county before 1754 in order to serve on a jury.  Daniel settled in Augusta County, VA near Staunton in the Shenandoah Valley on the six acres he had acquired from Patton.  According to the muster roll of the Virginia Militia, with whom Daniel served in the 1750s as a Ranger during the early Indian Wars and other early frontier records, Daniel was residing in Augusta County, Virginia in 1755.  He is also listed as being 5'5" and being from Ireland.  The couple moved from Virginia to South Carolina sometime between the years 1758-59 leaving four of their children behind in the care of church wardens of Augusta Parish.  This practice of placing children with the Church when parents could no longer provide for them was quite common in our early American history.  During these years, churches still held a prominent position in the community.  Court Records of Augusta County shows that Thomas Drady, age 14, son of Daniel was to be bound out to Robert Douglas by the consent of his mother, Elizabeth Drady, on March 19, 1760 because Daniel had left the colony.  Consent was given by the church wardens of Augusta Parrish for William Drady, age five, son of Daniel Drady to be bound out August 20, 1760 to Robert Douglas.  Consent was also given by the church wardens of Augusta Parrish for Ezekiel Drady, age 12, son of Daniel Drady to be bound out to William Scott in November, 1762 according to law.  William Scott was a constable in the area at the time.  Margaret, age one or two, was also left behind.  It was not clear from the records where she was placed.  Life must have been very hard for Daniel to turn his young sons and daughter over to church wardens and leave the colony.  There probably was little chance of recovering them once they were bound out because of the legal process involved.  Daniel Drawdy, Sr. received a land grant in SC on April 29, 1758 of 100 acres in Berkeley County, SC on Cattle Creek which runs into the Edisto River (later Colleton County); warrant issued August 8, 1767; second grant of 150 acres was granted in 1770 adjoining above.  Daniel lived in Berkeley and Charleston Counties, SC from 1760 to 1774; lived in Charles and Sumter SC Districts from 1787 to 1802; Land Grant Index in 1787 shows Daniel Drawdee.

m. Elizabeth Douglas
Children:       Thomas Droddy (b. 1746)

                        Ezekiel Droddy (b. 1750) – m. Margaret Ratliff
                        William Droddy (b. 1754, d. 1824)

                                  m. 1) Mary Morris, 2) Ruth Ellison (m. 9-13-1787)
                        Daniel Droddy (1756, d. 1841)

                        Margaret Droddy (b. 1758) - m. John Morris
                        John Droddy – listed in 1810 Barnwell District, SC Census

                        David Drawdy (b. 1785) – listed in 1800 Colleton District, SC Census


Daniel Drawdy, Jr. R.S. (b. 1756, d. 1841)
Born in 1756 in Augusta County Virginia; moved to South Carolina with his parents in 1758 or 1759; listed in 1800-1810 Census of Orangeburg District, SC, p. 317 as Daniel Draedey; moved to Georgia sometime after 1810 and settled in Tattnall County about the time of its creation.  Pay abstract number 133 shows that he served in Colonel Robert Ballingall’s Regiment as a Private in the Colleton Co. Militia; Soldier’s certification for service, Buckhead Militia Company, 101 days. Draudy, Daniel ca 1780--(UL: Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War:  UL, Murtie June Clark)

m. Unknown
Children:       William Drawdy (b. 1790, m. 1810, d. 1857) - m. Mary Zulik (b. 1791)
                        Thomas Drawdy (b. 1792, m. 10-12-1821, d. 1858) - m. Elizabeth Gibbs (b. 1801)
                        James J. Drawdy (b. 1793, d. 1857) - m. Patty Young

                        Daniel Drawdy (b. Feb. 3, 1799, m. 1819, d. 1863) - m. Amy Walker



William Drawdy (b. 1790, m. 1810, d. 1857)
Born in SC; buried at Doctortown, GA in Rayonier woodyard (his homeplace on lot 161) in Wayne County, GA; member of the Goose Creek Baptist Church in Appling (now Wayne) County and is shown by the Piedmont Baptist Association minutes as a delegate from that church in 1837 and 1839; listed as a founding father of Wayne County, GA.  A deed of record appears in Laurens County from William Drawdy and James Drawdy, his brother, both of Laurens County, to Sherod Hutson, dated October 17, 1811, conveying Lot 351, 12th district, for $300 (see deed book "B", page 63).  This would indicate William Drawdy lived in Laurens County before moving to Tattnall County.  William Drawdy and wife moved to Tattnall County soon after their marriage and resided there some years.  He was a petit juror there as early as November, 1814, when he served as foreman of the jury for the Bennett Abbot case.  He was a lieutenant in the militia of the 40th District, 1817-1819.  In 1819 he applied for land lottery draws, and was then residing in Capt. Overstreet's District and was allowed two draws for his wife and children.  He drew property of almost 1000 acres (150 acres in March, 1835; 200 acres in May, 1835; 200 acres in January, 1836, 200 acres in September, 1838; and 200 acres in September 1840) located in Lot 161 of Wayne County; the 1820 Census shows the family in McIntosh County.  Shortly after, they moved to Wayne County where they afterwards lived.  Mr. Drawdy was lst lieutenant of the militia in the 333rd District, Wayne County, 1824-1826, and was Captain in the same district, 1826-1832. He was Justice of the Peace in the 28th District, 1825-1829, and in the 383rd District, 1830-1837. He served as one of the Justices of Wayne Inferior Court, 1845-1853. He was Justice of the Peace of the 333rd district in 1855-1856.  Mr. Drawdy was a soldier in the Georgia Militia in the War of 1812 and also in the Indian Wars.  His will dated February 26, 1855, was probated December 2, 1857; in his will, the home place on the north half of Lot 161, 3rd Land District in Wayne County, was given to his wife along with all personal property for her lifetime. This was 1200 acres according to the 1860 census. William T. and James C. Drawdy were named executors of the will.  The 1850 census showed that this family owned one slave. 

m. Mary Zulik (b. 1791, m. 1812, d. 1863)

Mary was born in Baden, Germany and died in Wayne County, Georgia.  They were married in Jasper, Georgia.
Children:       James Crawley Arnold Drawdy (b. 1812, d. 1872) - m. Elizabeth Ann Harper
                        William Thomas Drawdy (b. 1816, d. 1-3-1856)

                                  m. 1) unknown, 2) Eliza Coursey - buried Drawdy-Knight Cemetery
                        Susannah Drawdy Welch (b. 1822) - m. Peter Welch
                        Elizabeth C. Drawdy Colwell (b. 1824) - m. William Colwell
                        George W. Drawdy (b. 1825, d. 1862) - m. Nancy Spell (b. 1825)

                        Mary Ann Drawdy Middleton (b. 1-10-1828, d. 9-27-1875) - buried in Hortense Cemetery

                                  m. 1) Pierre Botta 2) Dr. William Spencer Middleton (b. 5-24-1824, d. 9-12-1884)


James Crawley Arnold Drawdy (b. 12-2-1812, m. 10-3-1833, d. 12-1-1872)
Born in Tattnall County; served as Captain in the militia of the 333rd District, Wayne County, GA 1832-1834; served in the Wayne Cavalry Guards in Capt. Rumph’s Company as a First Sergeant during the Civil War; he was Coroner of Wayne County, 1838-1840; Justice of the Peace, 333rd District, 1846-1849 and again 1853-1861; he was a Justice of Wayne Inferior Court, serving from 1865 until the Court was abolished in 1869; he is buried in the James C. Drawdy Cemetery on his home place in Wayne County, GA near Union Baptist Church 8 miles east of Gardi.  His epitaph reads, "James C. Drawdy, Jernigans Co. GA, Mounted Militia, Indian War." His land totaled 1170 acres in the 1860 Census.
James C., like his father, was a member of the Piedmont Association of Primitive Baptist churches and served on a committee to arrange the business of the association in October, 1847 at its 33rd anniversary.
m. Mary Elizabeth Harper Manning (b. 1-5-1820, d. 2-9-1886)

Daughter of James Adam and Mary Strickland Smith Harper
Children:       Mary Ann Drawdy Head (b. 6-27-1836, d. 6-7-1874) - m. Richard Head
                        Besile Matilda Drawdy (b. 1837)
                        William Thomas Drawdy (b. 1838, m. 4-26-1866)

                                  m. Rebecca Jane Liles (b. 1845)
                        Harriet Elizabeth Drawdy Manning Liles (b. 1842, d. 1909)
                                  m. 1) Joseph Hamilton Manning (b. 8-3-1838, m. 1-14-1858, d. 8-22-1861)

                                         2) James H. Liles (m. 7-26-1866)
                        James M. Drawdy (b. 1844, d. 7-16-1863) – killed by stroke of lightning
                        Daniel Webster Drawdy (b. 1845, m. 1866, d. 1925)
                                  m. 1) Mary Lucinda Crosby
(b. 8-20-1842, d. 6-27-1906)

                                         2) Janie Crosby Manning (b. 1853, d. 1933, m. 1908)
                        George Washington Drawdy (b. 5-8-1848, m. 2-10-1870, d. 2-17-1926) - m. Mary E. Strickland
                        Martha Ann Drawdy Crosby (b. 1849, m. 9-6-1866) - m. Joseph Crosby
                        Albert H. Drawdy (b. 9-15-1851, d. 11-1869)
                        Samuel O. Drawdy (b. 1854, d. 1869)
                        Serena Drawdy (b. 1857, d. after 1880)
                        Levicy Ann Drawdy (b. 1-1860, d. 5-15-1933)



Daniel Webster Drawdy (b. 3-22-1845, m. 8-20-1866, d. 2-6-1925)
born in Wayne County, buried in Crosby Cemetery at Buffalo, Brantley County, GA; his epitaph reads: "Resting till the resurrection morn"; listed as a taxpayer in Jesup, GA in 1909; he began his military career on September 22, 1862 at Waynesville, GA; he served in Company A, 24th Battalion, Georgia Calvary and on February 13, 1864 was transferred to Company G, then to Company D, 7th Regiment, Georgia Calvary; he received the Southern Cross of Honor in 1903; Private Drawdy surrendered with General Lee at Appomattox on April 9, 1865.  Pvt. Drawdy was listed as being present on all roll calls and served through the duration of the war.  He lost his haversack in April 1864 and his pay was deducted to replace it.  David Cason of Pierce County and O. T. Blitch of Wayne County witnessed his pension application for service rendered during the Civil War as they had served in the same company.  John W. Knight and B. B. Knight, Sr. attested that his property value included 136 acres of land at $300; 40 head of cattle at $280; two head of horses at $210; 10 hogs at $10; buggy and wagons at $45; and household goods at $50 for a net worth of $895.  He acquired more than 4000 acres of property in the 3rd District of Wayne County of which approximately 3600 acres was sold to Grangerville Turpentine Company in 1906 for $4500.  In 1918 he deeded two acres of land to the Wayne County Board of Education for a one-room schoolhouse to be built in his community and named Drawdy School.  After his death, J. D. Drawdy filed an application for pension due to a deceased pensioner in the amount of $100.  This was to cover services rendered which consisted of burial expenses of $46, a visit by Dr. T. W. Causey and medicine furnished of $20, and two visits by Dr. M. N. Stow and medicine furnished of $34.

m. Mary Lucinda Crosby (b. 8-20-1842, d. 6-27-1906)
born in Wayne County, buried in Crosby Cemetery at Buffalo, Brantley County, GA; her epitaph reads: "Heaven now returns our treasure, Earth the lonely casket keeps, And the sunbeams long to linger, When our sainted Mother sleeps."
Children:       Mary Esther Drawdy Sikes (b. 5-1-1867, d. 10-1-1941) - m. Joseph Raiford Sikes
                        Aaron Joshua Drawdy (b. 10-15-1868, d. 10-5-1942)
                                  m. 1) Mary E. Roberson (m. 12-15-1889), 

                                         2) Mary Caroline Manning (m. 12-13-1893)
                        Louisa Drawdy (b. 1872)
                        Virginia (Zinnie, Ginie) Elizabeth Drawdy Lane (b. 8-13-1875, m. 1-3-1893, d. 1-24-1946)

                                  m. John Hardy Lane (b. 1866, d. 8-23-1944)
                        Joseph Daniel Drawdy (b. 5-21-1878, m. 12-23-1900, d. 11-23-1939)
                                  m. Martha Mattie Manning (b. 5-19-1878, d. 12-22-1957)
                        John Mitchell Drawdy (b. 3-21-1880, m. 5-24-1908, d. 1-27-1949)

                                  m. Rachel Manning (b. 2-13-1890, d. 7-5-1969)
                        Addie Janie Drawdy Manning (b. 12-26-1882, m. 8-21-1907, d. 12-1-1958)

                                  m. George Homer Manning (1880-1919)
                        Sallie Maebelle Drawdy (b. 11-26-1885, m. 8-9-1908, d. 2-15-1954)
                                  m. 1) Andrew Jackson Knight

                                         2) Ernest Alton "Dude" Purvis (b. 10-16-1906, d. 3-5-1990)
m. Janie E. Crosby Manning (b. 1853, m. 1908, d. 1933)
In the 1910 Census of Wayne County, GA, 3 stepchildren were living with he and his wife: Lee Manning (b. 1893), Virgil Manning (b. 1896), and Esma Manning (b. 1898).



John Mitchell Drawdy (b. 3-21-1880, m. 5-24-1908, d. 1-27-1949)
born in Wayne County, GA;
he was listed as a taxpayer in Jesup in 1909 and Rachel was shown as owning land there in 1912.  The land was deeded to Rachel by Daniel Webster, John’s father.  They were listed on the 1920 Census in the Mt. Pleasant District of Wayne County as home owners with a family of five sons.  John was injured as a young man working in the timber industry and walked with a slight limp for the rest of his life. Family members shared that a log had rolled on his leg and medical attention was not sought immediately.  By the time he got to a doctor to have it set, the realignment did not take very well. Sometime after the death of his father in 1925, John and Rachel moved to Pierce County. Minutes from the Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church show that the church received their letter for membership on May 19, 1928. He is buried at Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Pierce County, GA.
m. Rachel Manning (b. 2-13-1890, d. 7-5-1969)
born in Wayne County, GA; buried at Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Pierce County, GA
Children:       Walter Conius Drawdy (b. 10-12-1909, d. 1-25-1984)

                                  m. Goldie Dowling (b. 6-13-1911, d. 4-10-1988)
                        Burris Daniel Drawdy (b. 12-17-1910, m. 10-30-1934, d. 8-2-1985)

                                  m. Nola Vergalene Lee (b. 9-27-1917, d. 10-2-2007)
                        Emmett Lafayette Drawdy (b. 9-19-1915, d. 7-9-1990)

                                  m. Ellen Lorena Luke (b. 1916, d. 9-10-1949)
                        John Dillion Drawdy (b. 1913, d. 10-27-1976) - never married
                        Joseph Franklin Drawdy (b. 11-11-1918, d. 6-22-1991)

                                  m. Isabell Harris (b. 4-19-1924, d. 5-19-1992)
                        Janie Lue Drawdy (b. 3-4-1921, d. 1-13-1988) - never married
                        Viola Rachel Drawdy Jacobs (b. 7-7-1926, m. 11-18-1944, d. 5-6-2002)

                                  m. Homer Eldon Jacobs (b. 8-17-1924, d. 10-13-1993)
                        Fannie Missouri Drawdy Carr (b. 10-17-1923, m. 12-22-1942, d.1-30-1984)

                                  m. Grady Dewitt Carr (b. 12-2-1916, d. 7-1-1992)
                        Myrtle Mary Drawdy Peacock Ramey Turner (b. 6-28-1928, d. 2-15-2005)
                                 m. 1) Marion Peacock (b. 2-28-1922, d. 8-4-1955)

                                         2) Ralph Ramey

                                         3) Isaac Turner



Burris Daniel Drawdy (b. 12-17-1910, m. 10-30-1934, d. 8-2-1985)
born in Wayne County, GA; died in Pierce County, GA; buried at Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Pierce County, GA
m. Nola Vergalene Lee (b. 9-27-1917, d. 10-2-2007)
born in Pierce County, GA;  died in Ware County, GA; buried at Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Pierce County, GA
Children:       Virginia Alene Drawdy Robinson (b. 11-3-1935, d. 1-22-2018) - m. Richard Robinson
                        Henry Edward Drawdy (b. 12-5-1937, d. 11-29-2013) - m. Lois Marie Everett
                        Joan Drawdy Davis Lee (b. 5-20-1940) - m. 1) Julius C. Davis, 2) James Lee
                        Nola Mae Drawdy Carter (b. 4-29-1943) - m. Warren Roger Carter
                        James Daniel Drawdy (b. 9-28-1946) - m. Gloria Bowen
                        Jo Allen Drawdy (b. 6-28-1948, d. 1-9-1949)
                        Ellie Jane Drawdy Loudermilk (b. 9-9-1949, m. 6-22-1968) - m. William A. Loudermilk
                        Linda Drawdy Griffis Hayden (b. 11-1-1951) - m. 1) Melvin Griffis, 2) Lee Hayden
                        Glenda Drawdy Lee (b. 11-1-1951) - m. Larry Lee
                        Ronald Austin Drawdy (b. 6-4-1955, d. 6-10-2000)

                                  m. 1) Mary Ann Griner, 2) Beverly Ennis
                        Joseph Franklin Drawdy (b. 2-23-1961) - m. 1) Dara Mathis, 2) Karen Anderson


Ellie Jane Drawdy Loudermilk (b. 9-9-1949, m. 6-22-1968)
born in Ware County, GA
m. William Alex Loudermilk (b. 2-27-1949)
born in Birmingham, AL
Children:       Jason Wayne Loudermilk (b. 9-6-1975, m. 6-12-2004) - m. Margaret Courtney McCammon
                        Sherri Lynn Loudermilk Underwood (b. 5-28-1978, m. 6-8-2002) - m. Chris Underwood
                        John David Loudermilk (b. 7-28-1985, m. 10-25-2007) - m. Sarah Beth Williams


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