Cason Lineage

(Cason Coat of Arms)

Thomas Cason, Sr. (b. 1540, d. 1651)
born in Steeple Norden, Cambridge County, England
Children:       John Cason - m. Margaret Edwards


John Cason
born in Steeple Norden, Cambridge County, England; moved to London and was a grocer of some means; he was a large stockholder in the Virginia Land Company which was the founder of Jamestown, VA.
m. Margaret Edwards
Children:       Thomas Cason (b. 1604, d. 1651) - m. Elizabeth Alcott Keeling Leighton (Layton)


Thomas Cason, Sr. (b. 1604, d. 1651)
born in London, England, although his family seems to have originated in Hertfordshire, England. He migrated to Lynnhaven Parish, Princess Anne County, VA from England prior to 1635. He was a successful tobacco planter and slave owner. In the lower Norfolk Book of Representative Citizens in the 1639-1640 period, Thomas Cason (Cawson) had to benefit the county certain monies because he married the widow of a man (William Layton) who owed the county money. He is listed again in the Warwick County, VA records in 1647 as a church warden of Lynnhaven Parish in 1645. He died in Norfolk, Princess Anne County, VA in 1651; his name is listed on the memorial wall as one of the early settlers of Jamestown in the museum at Jamestown.
m. Elizabeth Alcott Keeling Leighton (Layton)

In 1652 Elizabeth married John Stratton.  After Stratton died in 1658, she married Jno. Lawrence. (Source:  Athens, Georgia Library; Manuscript #2367; Box # 8; Folder # 2 (Rucher))
Children:       Thomas Cason, Jr. (b. 1630, d. 1666)
                        James Cason (b. 1645, d. 1666)
                        Ruth Cason Woodhouse (b. 1634) - m. Captain John Woodhouse (son of Sir James Woodhouse who was the Royal Governor of Bermuda in 1629/30)


Thomas Cason, Jr. (b. 1630, d. 1666)
born in Lynnhaven Parish, Princess Anne County, VA; died in Princess Anne County, VA
m. ????
Children:       James Cason (b. 1655, d. 1723) - m. Anne -----


James Cason (b. 1655, m. 1679, d. 1723)
born in Lynnhaven Parish, Lower Norfolk Plantation, now Princess Anne County, VA. James first appears in the records buying land in 1686; he received 450 acres of land for paying for the passage of nine people from England; he was a large and prosperous tobacco farmer; died in Princess Anne County, VA.
m. Anne ? (d. 1720)

Children:       Thomas Cason (b. 1680, d. 1737)
                        James Cason, Jr. (b. 1683, d. 1761)
                        Elizabeth Cason Whitehurst (b. 1685)
                        Susannah Cason Moore (b. 1687)
                        Dynah Cason Wilbur (b. 1689)
                        William Cason (b. 1691, d. 1765)


William Cason (b. 1691, m. 1721, d. 1765)
born in Princess Anne County, VA and moved to Beaufort County, NC in 1723. He was granted land in Beaufort County in 1740, the same bordering on a stream called "Cason's Run" and George Moye’s land. The 1746 Colonial tax records of Beaufort County shows William "Casson" (or Cason) a taxpayer with nine people in his household. Died in Pitt County, NC (which was divided from Beaufort County). He made a deed of gift to three of his children, Henry, Hillery, and Elizabeth in 1758. The 1760 tax records show him living with his son, James, and in 1762 with his son, Hillery.
m. Jane Cannon (b. 1700, d. 1758)
born in Bath County, NC; died in Beaufort County, SC.
Children:       Mary Cason Holmes (b. 1722) - m. Gabriel Holmes
                        William Cason, Jr. (b. 1723, d. 1771) - m. Hester Duncan
                        Cannon Cason (b. 1724, d. 1780) - m. Rosa Whitehurst
                        James Cason (b. 1727, d. 1815) - m. Elizabeth M. Watkins
                        John Cason (b. 1730, d. 1816) - m. Eleanor Pinkett (d. 1790)
                        Henry Cason (b. 1732, d. 1823) - m. ------Cannon
                        Elizabeth Cason (b. 1735) - m. ------ Scott
                        Hillery Cason (b. 1737, d. 1809) - m. Sarah Barrow Ormond
                        Averilla Cason (b. 1740)


Hillery Cason, R.S. (b. 1737, m. 1778/9, d. 1809)
born in Beaufort County, NC; served on the Pitt County Safety Committee and fought through the American Revolution in the North Carolina line; listed in Sampson County, NC census in 1790; in 1792 he moved to Effingham County, GA, and settled on the Ogeechee River. By the Spring of 1794, he was living in Screven County, GA; he died in Jefferson County, GA. Sarah, his wife, was living with her youngest son, Willoughby, in Bryan County, GA in 1820.
m. Sarah Barrow Ormond
Children:       Gabriel Cason (b. 1764, d. 1836)
                        Dennis Cason (b. 1770, d. c1845) - m. 1) Sarah Massey, 2) Jency Black
                        William Cason (b. 1772)
                        Wyriott (Wherry) Cason (b. 1776, d. 1852) - m. 1) Susannah Jones (m. 5-8-1807), 2) Sarah Black (m. 11-12-1825)
                        Frederick Cason (b. 1777, d. 1840) - m. Elizabeth Williams
                        Hillery Cason (b. 1779, d. 1857) - m. Mary Smith
                        Martha Jane Cason Cone (b. 1780) - m. William Cone, Jr.
                        Willis Cason (1786, d. 1849) - m. Abigail----
                        Willoughby Cason (b. 1789, d. 1856) - m. 1) Mary Conner, 2) Mrs. Elizabeth Hadley Yarbrough
                        Henry Cason (b. 1792)


Frederick Cason (b. 1777, m. 1806, d. 1840)
born in South Carolina; lived in Effingham County, GA in 1794 in which year he was a private in the Effingham County militia, serving in Capt. Nathaniel Hudson’s company; moved to Tattnall County, GA and then to Appling County, GA when it was first opened up to settlers in 1819. In 1825 Ware County was formed from Appling County. He served as Justice of the Peace in the 40th District of Tattnall County, 1809-1816, providing for the organization of Appling County. He was named as one of the election managers to conduct the election for the first county officers, and he was elected one of the first five Justices of the Inferior Court of the new county, being commissioned March 19, 1820. He served as one of the five trustees for the Poor School Fund of Ware County. He is buried at Kettle Creek Cemetery in Ware County, GA.
m. Elizabeth Williams (b. 1785, d. 1845) - also married Jabez Dowling
Children:       Allison Cason (b. 1807) - m. Sarah Peacock
                        David E. Cason (b. 1813, d. 1865) - m. Martha Thomas
                        Henry Cason (b. 1815)
                        McGinty Cason (b. 1816)
                        Nancy Elizabeth Cason Altman (b. 1819) - m. Jesse Altman
                        James Cason (b. 1820, d. 1857) - m. Sarah Dora Thomas
                        Hillery W. Cason (b. 5-29-1823, d. 2-24-1906) - m. Phoebe Walker
                                buried in Rehobeth Church Cemetery, Pierce County, GA
                        Mary Ann Cason Blackburn (b. 8-7-1826, d. 2-9-1900) - m. Martin Ebenezer Licugos Blackburn
                        Unknown child


David E. Cason (b. 1813, d. 1864)
born in Tattnall County, Georgia, he grew up in Appling County, GA; served as a Pvt. under Capt. James Walker, Ware Co. Militia (Indian War) 6/9/1838 to 8/19/1838 and under Capt. William Cone, Camden Co. 9/10/1838 to 9/18/1838. Also served under Capt. James A. Sweat 8/19/1840 to 11/15/1840.  He bought land in Ware County from Silas Hilliard for $150 on 3-29-1841.  This was located in Lot 156, 8th District.  He sold the land to his brother, Hillery, for $150 on 4-20-1847.  The 1850 Census lists David as a farmer living in Militia District 583, Appling County, GA.  His farm was valued at $300.  The 1860 Census lists David living in Pierce County as a farmer and BPM.  The value of his farm is $50 and his personal property is $125.  There was a Salt Issue in 1864.  On September 26, 1864 Governor Brown supplied families of soldiers with a salt ration.  On that list were the orphans of David Cason.  Martha’s name was not under the list of wives of soldiers now in service nor under the list of names of widows of deceased soldiers. 
m. Martha Thomas (b. 1822, d. 1862)

daughter of Lewis Thomas and Elizabeth Mixon; Martha was born in McIntosh County, GA.
Children:       Frederick L. Cason (b. 1842)
                        David J. Cason (b. 1843, d. 1926) - m. 1) Mary F., 2) Ardelia Davis (m. 4-3-1880)
                        Winfield (Winnie) Cason Carter (b. 1845) - m. --------Carter
                        Shadrack Cason (b. 4-22-1850, d. 7-23-1922) - m. Mary Elizabeth Westberry
                                buried in Enon Cemetery, Pierce County, GA
                        Mary Cason Hurst (b. 1853) - m. John F. Hurst
                        Martha Cason Carter (b. 1855) - m. John Carter
                        Prush Ann Cason Douberly (b. 3-30-1856, m. 9-12-1878, d. 8-14-1927) - m. John S. Douberly (b. 1-23-1860, d. 12-31-1937)
                        Lydia Ann Cason Davis (b. 1858, m. 10-4-1883) - m. Emmett Davis
                        Jesse C. Cason (b. 12-2-1861, d. 6-16-1931) - m. Flewella Johnson (b. 7-27-1873, d. 12-16-1912)
                        Sarah Rebecca Cason Gill (b. 7-19-1862, m. 11-11-1887, d. 12-3-1909) - m. William Thomas Gill, Jr.


Sarah Rebecca Cason Gill (b. 7-19-1862, m. 11-11-1887, d. 12-3-1909)
born in Pierce County, GA, in 1862; in the 1870 and 1880 census of Pierce County, she is living in the household of her aunt and uncle, William and Marantha Chancey, along with her sister, Martha; buried in Mill Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Pierce County, GA where her church membership was recorded; her epitaph reads: "She welcomed death as the fruition of her eternal hopes."
m. William Thomas Gill, Jr. (b. 1-13-1864, m. 11-11-1887, d. 9-3-1946)
born in Ludowici, GA; buried in New Home Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Pierce County, GA, where his church membership was recorded.  In the 1910 Census for Pierce County, GA, William is age 46 and widowed.  He is a farmer and can read and write.  His Mother Sarah S. Gill lives with him.  In the 1920 Census of Pierce County, GA, he is married to Serena Johns and is living in Walkersville in Militia District 1609.  In the 1930 Census of Pierce County, GA, he is living on Blackshear Steel Bridge Road.
Children:       Martha Jane Gill Crosby (b. 1888, d. 6-2-1984) - m. Barney W. Crosby
                        Lula Safronia Gill Manning (b. 4-17-1891, m. 4-26-1908, d. 1-28-1956
                                m. George W. Manning
                        Mary Ellen Gill Lee (b. 5-9-1892, m. 2-5-1911, d. 11-13-1982) - m. Frank Albritton Lee (b. 2-14-1886, d. 1-5-1964)
                        Susie E. Gill Lee (b. 11-9-1894, m. 4-23-1911, d. 1-24-1930) - m. Burie Gard Lee
                        Daniel Robert Gill (b. 3-10-1897, m. 12-2-1915, d. 3-3-1951)
                                m. 1) Delia Courson (b. 1896, d. 1919)  2) Ethel Elma Little
                        William T. "Willie" Gill (b. 2-9-1899, d. 10-21-1960) - m. Marie Clark
                        Sarah Belle Gill Manning (b. 1901, d. 1923) - m. Virgil Manning (b. 1895, d. 1941)
                        Lizzie M. Gill Chancey (b. 1903, d. 1986) - m. Vann Chancey
                        Ida Mae Gill (b. 6-29-1907, d. 7-3-1907)
                        Pearl Lavada Gill Brauda Strickland Dubose (b. 1909, d. 8-22-00)
                                m. 1) Henry Brauda 2) Elzie Nathaniel Strickland (b. 1899, d. 1972)
                                     3) Irvin Dubose

Mary Ellen Gill Lee (b. 5-9-1892, m. 2-5-1911, d. 11-13-1982)
Mary Ellen was born in Pierce County, GA, and raised on a farm.  Her mother died before she was grown, and being the oldest girl, she dropped out of school to help raise her younger sibling Pearl.  However, she had received enough education to teach school in Pierce County before she married.  She died in the hospital in Eastman, Georgia, and is buried in New Hope Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery near Hickox, GA.
m. Frank Albritton Lee (b. 2-14-1886, d. 1-5-1964)
He was born in Charlton County, Georgia, on a farm.  He was taught to read and write.  Musically inclined, he taught music to local young people and also taught Mennonites to “walk off hymn music.”  He died at home in Fernandina Beach, FL, and is buried in New Hope Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery near Hickox, GA. 
Children:       Ephriam Osborne Lee (b. 12-14-1912, d. 2-3-1974) - m. Annie Mae Johns
                        Thomas Eli Lee (b. 6-7-1915, d. 7-24-94) m. Louise Henderson
                        Nola Vergalene Lee Drawdy (b. 9-27-1917, m. 10-31-1934, d. 10-2-2007)
                                 m. 1) Burris Daniel Drawdy, 2) John Earl Lee
                        Flora Alene Lee Barber (b. 7-17-1921, d. 5-17-2004) - m. Only James Barber
                        Barnwell Franklin Lee (b. 11-9-1924, d. 1-31-1983) - m. Rose Hiller
                        Delia Geneva Lee Wynn Williamson (b. 9-9-1928, d. 3-1-1982)
                                m. 1) Archie P. Wynn, 2) James Williamson
                        Margaret Ellen Lee Dixon (b. 7-6-1935, d. 12-30-2016)
                                m. 1) Sam Ray, 2) Jay E. Dixon


Nola Vergalene Lee Drawdy (b. 9-27-1917, m. 10-31-1934, d. 10-2-2007)
born in Pierce County, GA; buried in Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Pierce County, GA.
m. Burris Daniel Drawdy (b. 12-17-1910, d. 8-2-1985)
born in Wayne County, GA, buried in Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Pierce County, GA.
children:        Virginia Alene Drawdy Robinson (b. 11-3-1935, d. 1-22-2018) - m. Richard Robinson
                        Henry Edward Drawdy (b. 12-5-1937, d. 11-29-2013) - m. Lois Marie Everett
                        Joan Drawdy Davis (b. 5-20-1940) - m. 1) Julius C. Davis, 2) James Lee
                        Nola Mae Drawdy Carter (b. 4-29-1943) - m. Warren Roger Carter
                        James Daniel Drawdy (b. 9-28-1946) - m. Gloria Bowen
                        Jo Allen Drawdy (b. 6-28-1948, d. 1-9-1949)
                        Ellie Jane Drawdy Loudermilk (b. 9-9-1949, m. 6-22-1968) - m. William A. Loudermilk
                        Linda Drawdy Griffis Hayden (b. 11-1-1951)
                                m. 1) Melvin Griffis, 2) Lee Hayden
                        Glenda Drawdy Lee (b. 11-1-1951) - m. Larry Lee
                        Ronald Austin Drawdy (b. 6-4-1955, d. 6-10-2000)
                                m. 1) Mary Ann Griner, 2) Beverly Ennis
                        Joseph Franklin Drawdy (b. 2-23-1961) - m. 1) Dara Mathis, 2) Karen Anderson


Ellie Jane Drawdy Loudermilk (b. 9-9-1949, m. 6-22-1968)
born in Ware County, GA
m. William Alex Loudermilk (b. 2-27-1949)
born in Birmingham, AL
children:        Jason Wayne Loudermilk (b. 1975, m. 6-12-2004) - m. Margaret Courtney McCammon
                        Sherri Lynn Loudermilk Underwood (b. 1978, m. 6-8-2002) - m. Chris Underwood
                        John David Loudermilk (b. 1985, m. 10-25-2008) – m. Sarah Beth Williams

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Mill Creek Primitive Baptist Church, New Home Primitive Baptist Church, Enon Primitive Baptist Church, Rehobeth Baptist Church,  and Kettle Creek Cemeteries

Census Records (if available) and maps for Charlton, Pierce, Appling and Ware Counties