Barnard Lineage

Samuel Eli Lee (b. 3-17-1842, d. 11-30-1921)
born in Bulloch County, GA, buried in New Hope Primitive Baptist Church cemetery near Hickox, GA
He was an accomplished fiddler by the time he was 11 years of age and his talent was in great demand at community functions.
*He enlisted in the Confederate Army on March 4, 1862 at Camp Davis in Appling County. He was in Company C, 47th Regiment, GA Infantry. He was discharged April 26, 1865 at Greensboro, NC.
m. Mrs. Sarah M. Buckhalter (m. 8-10-1864)
m. Mary E. Dubberly (b. 3-28-1847, d. 2-12-1919)
buried in New Hope Primitive Baptist Church cemetery near Hickox, GA
    children:     Julie Frances Lee Barnard (b. 8-13-1873) - m. Charles Walter Barnard
                        Joseph W. Lee (b. 4-11-1875) - m. Ellen Griffin
                        Missourie Harmony Lee Barnard (b. 3-23-1879, d. 7-14-1955)
                                m. John Owen Barnard
                        Jim Lee (b. 9-1-1881) - m. Sallie Griffin
                        Burie Gard Lee (b. 11-4-1883, d. 3-14-1951) - m. Susie E. Gill
                        Frank Albritton Lee (b. 2-14-1886, d. 1-5-1964) - m. Mary Ellen Gill

Missourie Harmony Lee Barnard

m.  John Owen Barnard

    children:    Porter Barnard

                            Children:  Dennis Barnard

                    Irene Barnard - m. _____ Tyson

                            Children:  Edward Tyson - m. Ruth Tyson

                                           Lex Tyson

                                            Dorothy Tyson - m. 1) _____ Smith, 2) Claude Jones

                    Eva Barnard - m. 1) Gordon Byrd, 2) Ray Aylor

                            Children:  Tom Byrd - m. Jean _____

                                            Truby Byrd - m. Jenny _____

                                            Dewey Duffell Byrd (b. 1-20-1923, d. 10-31-91) -

                                                    m. 1) William C. Norris (b. 8-24-1914, d. 2-15-1965), 2)    Curtis J. Jones

                                            Ann Henry Byrd - m. Charles Lloyd

                    Viola Barnard Merrill

                            Children:  Clem Merrill - m. Libba _____

                                            Richard Merrill - m. Celesta _____

                                            Joyce Merrill Barnes - m. Otis Barnes

                                            Evelyn Merrill Nelson - m. Cary Nelson