Thomas Lineage

John Thomas

known as a substantial citizen of Cecil County, Maryland as early as 1720.
m. Ann Gailshiott
           children: Gilshot Thomas, R.S. (b. 1734, d. 1809)

Lt. Gilshot ( Guildshot) Thomas, R.S. (b. 1734, d. 1809)
migrated from Cecil County, Maryland and settled in the Province of Georgia sometime prior to 1756, this being the year he made his first petition for land; he received a Royal Land Grant in St. George's Parish (Screven County, GA); served in the Burke County Patriot Militia, 2-3-1778.  He served under Colonel John Thomas; he died in Screven County, GA.
           children: James Thomas, R.S. (b. 1760, d. 1835) - m. Sarah Banner
                        Elizabeth Thomas (b. 2-11-1769)

James Thomas, R.S. (b. 1760, d. 1835, m. 1783)
Born in Screven County, GA. James and his father, Gilshot, both served in the Revolution and fought together in the same company in the SC State Militia. This company was commanded by Lt. Jacob Buxton and Colonel Alexander Garden. James moved his family to Liberty County about 1807 and is listed in the tax digest there until 1828. He and Sarah were among the first members of Jones Creek Baptist Church on April 22, 1810. He served as clerk of the church from March 23, 1822 to December 22, 1822. Buried at Shiloh Cemetery in Pierce County, GA. The John Floyd Chpater of the Daughters of the American Revolution commemorated his Revolutionary War Services at Shiloh Church Cemetery on April 22, 1979.
m. Sarah Banner
           children: Peter Banner Thomas (b. 1785, d. 1865) - m. Mary Mixon
                        Absalom Thomas (b. 1787) - m. Rebecca Lowery
                        Lewis Thomas (b. 1789, d. 1860) - m. Elizabeth Mixon
                        Harriet Thomas Crawford (b. 1793) - m. James Crawford
                        James R. Thomas (b. 1801, d. 1875) - m. Rebecca _____

Lewis Thomas (b. 1789, d. 1860, m. 1809)
born in Beaufort Co., South Carolina; moved to McIntosh County, GA in 1790; drew land in the lottery of 1820; baptized into Jones Creek Baptist Church in 1822; withdrew his membership in 1825; moved to Ware County, GA about 1829. He settled on lot 174 near Bristol; he was a member of Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church; served briefly in the Indian wars; buried at Shiloh Church cemetery in Pierce County, GA.
m. Elizabeth Mixon (b. 1795, m. 1809)
buried at Shiloh Church cemetery in Pierce County, GA.
           children: Redding Thomas (b. 1810) - m. Susannah Cason
                        James Ransom Thomas (b. 3-25-1811, d. 7-6-1884) - m. Martha Leggett
                        Marantha Thomas Chancey (b. 1822, d 1890) - m. William Chancey
                        Martha Thomas Cason (b. 1823) - m. David Cason
                        Sarah Thomas Dyal (b. 1825) - m. Thomas Dyal
                        Absalom Thomas (b. 1827, d. 1885) - m. Elizabeth Walker
                        Lewis Thomas, Jr. (b. 10-8-1830, d. 8-28-1893) - m. Prussia Ann (Prucie) Eason
                        Banner Thomas (b. 1-10-1833, d. 9-15-1885) - m. Mary Walker
                        Elizabeth Thomas Nettles (b. 1835) - m. Martin Nettles, Jr.

Martha Thomas (b. 1822, d. between 1860 and 1870)
m. David Cason (b. 1813, d. 1865)
born in Georgia, he grew up in Appling County, GA.
           children: Frederick L. Cason (b. 1842)
                        David J. Cason (b. 1843, d. 1926) - m. 1) Mary F., 2) Ardelia Davis (m 4-3-1880)
                        Winfield (Winnie) Cason Carter (b. 1845) - m. --------Carter
                        Shadrack Cason (b. 4-22-1850, d. 7-23-1922) - m. Mary Elizabeth Westberry
                                buried in Enon Cemetery, Pierce County, GA
                        Mary Cason Hurst (b. 1853) - m. John F. Hurst
                        Martha Cason Carter (b. 1855) - m. John Carter
                        Prush Ann Cason Douberly (b. 3-30-1856, d. 8-14-1927, m. 9-12-1878) - m. John S. Douberly (b. 1-23-1860, d. 12-31-1937)
                        Lydia Ann Cason Davis (b. 1858, m. 10-4-1883) - m. Emmett Davis
                        Jesse C. Cason (b. 12-2-1861, d. 6-16-1931) - m. Flewella Johnson (b. 7-27-1873, d. 12-16-1912)
                        Sarah Cason Gill (b. 7-19-1862, d. 12-3-1909) - m. William Thomas Gill

Sarah Cason Gill (b. 7-19-1862, d. 12-3-1909, m. 11-11-1887)
born in Pierce County, GA; in the 1870 and 1880 census of Pierce County, she is living in the household of her aunt and uncle, William and Marantha Chancey, along with her sister, Martha; buried in Mill Creek Church cemetery in Pierce County, GA where her church membership was recorded; her epitaph reads: “She welcomed death as the fruition of her eternal hopes.”
m. William Thomas Gill, Jr. (b. 1-13-1864, d. 9-3-1946, m. 11-11-1887)
born in Pierce County, GA; buried in New Home Church Cemetery in Pierce County, GA, where his church membership was recorded.
           children: Martha Jane Gill Crosby (b. 1888, d. 6-2-1984) - m. Barney W. Crosby
                        Lula Safronia Gill Manning (b. 4-17-1891, d. 1-281956) - m. George W. Manning
                        Mary Ellen Gill Lee (b. 1892, d. 1982) - m. Frank Albritton Lee
                        Susie E. Gill Lee (b. 11-9-1894, d. 1-24-1930) - m. Burie Gard Lee
                        Daniel Robert Gill (b. 3-10-1897, 3-3-1951)
                                m. 1) Delia Courson 2) Ethel Elma Little
                        William T. "Willie" Gill (b. 2-9-1899, d. 10-21-1960) - m. Marie Clark
                        Sarah Belle Gill Manning (b. 1901, d. 1923) - m. Virgil Manning
                        Lizzie M. Gill Chancey (b. 1903, d. 1986) - m. Vann Chancey
                        Ida Mae Gill (b. 6-29-1907, d. 7-3-1907)
                        Pearl Lavada Gill Brauda Strickland Dubose (b. 1909, d. 8-22-2000)
                                m. 1) Henry Brauda  2) Elzie Nathaniel Strickland (b. 1899, d. 1972)
                                     3) Irvin Dubose

Mary Ellen Gill Lee (b. 5-9-1892, d. 11-13-1982, m. 2-5-1911)
born in Pierce County, GA, buried in New Hope Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery near Hickox, GA
m. Frank Albritton Lee (b. 2-14-1886, d. 1-5-1964)
born in Charlton County, GA, buried in New Hope Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery near Hickox, GA
           children: Ephriam Osborne Lee (b. 12-14-1912, d. 2-3-1974) - m. Annie Mae Johns
                        Thomas Eli Lee (b. 6-7-1915, d. 7-24-94) m. Louise Henderson
                        Nola Vergalene Lee Drawdy (b. 9-27-1917, d. 10-2-2007)
                                 m. 1) Burris Daniel Drawdy, 2) John Earl Lee
                        Flora Alene Lee Barber (b. 7-17-1921, d. 5-17-2004) - m. Only James Barber
                        Barnwell Franklin Lee (b. 11-9-1924, d. 1-31-1983) - m. Rose Hiller
                        Delia Geneva Lee Wynn Williamson (b. 9-9-1928, d. 3-1-1982)
                                m. 1) Archie P. Wynn, 2) James Williamson
                        Margaret Ellen Lee Dixon (b. 7-6-1935)
                                m. 1) Sam Ray, 2) Jay E. Dixon

Nola Vergalene Lee Drawdy (b. 9-27-1917, m. 10-31-1934)
born in Pierce County, GA
m. Burris Daniel Drawdy (b. 12-17-1910, d. 8-2-1985)
born in Wayne County, GA, buried in Shiloh cemetery
          children: Virginia Alene Drawdy Robinson (b. 11-3-1935) - m. Richard Robinson
                        Henry Edward Drawdy (b. 12-5-1937) - m. Lois Marie Everett
                        Joann Drawdy Davis (b. 5-20-1940) - m. Julius C. Davis
                        Nola Mae Drawdy Carter (b. 4-29-1943) - m. Warren Roger Carter
                        James Daniel Drawdy (b. 9-28-1946) - m. Gloria Bowen
                        Jo Allen Drawdy (b. 6-28-1948, d. 1-9-1949)
                        Ellie Jane Drawdy Loudermilk (b. 9-9-1949) - m. William A. Loudermilk
                        Linda Drawdy Griffis Hayden (b. 11-1-1951)
                                m. 1) Melvin Griffis, 2) Lee Hayden
                        Glenda Drawdy Lee (b. 11-1-1951) - m. Larry Lee
                        Ronald Austin Drawdy (b. 6-4-1955, d. 6-10-2000)
                                m. 1) Mary Ann Griner, 2) Beverly Ennis
                        Joseph Franklin Drawdy (b. 2-23-1961) - m. Karen Anderson

Ellie Jane Drawdy Loudermilk (b. 9-9-1949, m. 6-22-1968)
born in Ware County, GA
m. William Alex Loudermilk (b. 2-27-1949)
born in Birmingham, AL
    children:      Jason Wayne Loudermilk (b. 1975, m. 6-12-2004) - m. Margaret Courtney McCammon
                      Sherri Lynn Loudermilk Underwood (b. 1978, m. 6-8-2002) - m. Chris Underwood
                      John David Loudermilk (b. 1985, m. 10-25-2008) – m. Sarah Beth Williams


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