Lee Lineage

Needham (Needom) Lee, Sr. (b. 8-6-1786, d. 1850)
died in Georgia; buried in Louisville, AL.
m. Lydia Prior
    children:     Needham Lee, Jr. (b. 1805, d. 1881)
                        Piety Rachael Lee Malloy (b. 1810)
                        Caroline Lee Wilder

Needham (Needom, Needum, Neadam) Lee, Jr. (b. 1805, d. 1881, m. 9-28-1826)
moved from Dublin, GA (old Pulaski County) to Bulloch County, GA; Nobie Lee lists his father's birthplace as North Carolina in the 1860 census;  Needham was listed in Bulloch County in the 1830 census but not present in the 1820 census; a newspaper clipping for Tuesday, August 3, 1824 shows that Needham Lee was awarded a settlement against Louis Lee in the town of Hartford; he bought two tracts of land in Bulloch County from Joseph Hagin on May 4, 1832; one tract contained 109 acres and the other 100 acres; he is buried in Upper Black Creek Primitive Baptist Church cemetery in Brooklet, Georgia; His will was filed on December 26, 1882.  He won Land Lottery lot 114, District 21, Section l, April 24, 1827. The grave marker lists him being born 1799 but the 1860 & 1870 census lists him being born 1805.
m. Susanna Hagin (b. 1808, d. c1871)
buried in Upper Black Creek Primitive Baptist Church cemetery in Brooklet, Georgia. The grave marker spells her name Hagan, but the marriage license spells it Hagin.
    children:     Elizabeth Lee Richardson (b. 7-22-1827, d. 3-16-1894, m. 2-24-1852) - m. Henry L. Richardson (b. 12-26-1830, d. 11-23-1911)
                        William Noble (Nobie) Lee (b. 11-10-1829, d. 6-16-1906, m. 9-6-1849)
                                m. 1) Frances (Fannie) E. Jones (b. 1834, d. c1852), 2) Jane E. Waters (b. 10-11-1831, d. 3-5-1902, m. 4-15-1852)
                        Mary Missouri Lee Williams Brack Deal (b. 1-1-1832, d. 3-6-1883)

                                  m. 1) William Berrien (Berry) A. Williams, 2) John Eleazar Brack, 3) Allison Deal  
                        Cassiah (Kizia) Lee (b. 8-15-1834)
                        Jackson (Jack) V. Lee (b. 4-17-1837, d. 4-29-1903, m. 11-28-1855) - m. Lucinda (Cindy) Martin (b. 2-27-1837, d. 5-15-1911)
                        Joseph W. Lee (b. 8-18-1839, d. 4-28-1889, m. 4-18-1866) - m. Margaret A. E. Waters (b.3-22-1832, d. 7-25-1917)
                        Samuel Eli Lee (b. 3-17-1842, d. 11-30-1921) - m. 1) Sarah M. Buckhalter, 2) Mary E. Dubberly (b.3-28-1847, d. 2-12-1919)
                        Sarah Martha Lee Waters (b. 1845, d. 6-26-1893, m. 1866) - m. Augustus (Gus) William Waters (b. 3-1845, d. 9-26-1909)
                        Seaborn (Cebrion) J. Lee (b. 10-2-1848, d. 11-11-1915) - m. Nettie Sherrod
                        Julia Lee Collins (b. 1852) - m. Thomas Collins
                        Charlie P. Lee (b. 1856) - m. Nancy Sherrod (b. c1841)
m. Jane Elizabeth Wilson (b. 5-16-1834, d. 9-19-1895, m. 8-17-1872)

buried in the Waters (Benjamin) Cemetery in Bulloch County, Georgia.
    children:     Piety Rachel Lee Forbes (b. 10-23-1875, 2-14-1972) - m. John Walter Forbes (b. 8-1-1867, d. 9-21-1943)

                        (Piety and husband are buried in Eastside Cemetery in Statesboro)
Stepchildren:  Mazelle Wilson - m. Henry Wilson
                        James (Jim) Wilson
                        Anna Eliza Proctor (b. 1858, d. 1888) - m. William M. Proctor (b. 1851, d. 1888)


Samuel Eli Lee (b. 3-17-1842, d. 11-30-1921)
born in Bulloch County, GA, buried in New Hope Primitive Baptist Church cemetery near Hickox, GA
He was an accomplished fiddler by the time he was 11 years of age and his talent was in great demand at community functions.
*He enlisted in the Confederate Army on March 4, 1862 at Camp Davis in Appling County. He was in Company C, 47th Regiment, GA Infantry. He was discharged April 26, 1865 at Greensboro, NC.
m. Mrs. Sarah M. Buckhalter (m. 8-10-1864)
m. Mary E. Dubberly (b. 3-28-1847, d. 2-12-1919)
buried in New Hope Primitive Baptist Church cemetery near Hickox, GA
    children:     Julie Frances Lee Barnard (b. 8-13-1873) - m. Charles Walter Barnard
                        Joseph W. Lee (b. 4-11-1875) - m. Ellen Griffin
                        Missourie Harmony Lee Barnard (b. 3-23-1879, d. 7-14-1955)
                                m. John Owen Barnard (b. 1870, d. 1955)
                        Jim Lee (b. 9-1-1881) - m. Sallie Griffin
                        Burie Gard Lee (b. 11-4-1883, d. 3-14-1951) - m. Susie E. Gill
                        Frank Albritton Lee (b. 2-14-1886, d. 1-5-1964) - m. Mary Ellen Gill

Frank Albritton Lee (b. 2-14-1886, d. 1-5-1964, m. 2-5-1911)
born in Charlton County, GA; died at home in Fernandina Beach, FL; buried in New Hope Primitive Baptist Church cemetery in Hickox, GA
He was reared in Charlton County on a farm. He was taught to read and write. Musically inclined, he taught music to local young people and also taught the Mennonites to “walk off hymn music”.
m. Mary Ellen Gill (b. 5/9/1892, d. 11/13/1982)
born in Pierce County, GA; died in the hospital in Eastman, GA; buried in New Hope Primitive Baptist Church cemetery in Hickox, GA
    children:     Ephriam Osborne Lee (b. 12-14-1912, d. 2-3-1974) - m. Annie Mae Johns
                        Thomas Eli Lee (b. 6-7-1915, d. 7-24-94) m. Annie Louise Henderson
                        Nola Vergalene Lee Drawdy (b. 9-27-1917) - m. Burris Daniel Drawdy
                        Flora Alene Lee Barber (b. 7-17-1921, d. 5-17-2004) - m. Only James Barber
                        Barnwell Franklin Lee (b. 11-9-1924, d. 1-31-1983) - m. Rose Hiller
                        Delia Geneva Lee Wynn Williamson (b. 9-9-1928, d. 3-1-1982)
                                m. 1) Archie P. Wynn, 2) James Williamson
                        Margaret Ellen Lee Dixon (b. 7-6-1935)
                                m. 1) Sam Ray, 2) Jay E. Dixon

Nola Vergalene Lee Drawdy Lee (b. 9-27-1917, m. 10-31-1934)
born in Pierce County, GA; baptized at Shiloh Church, Pierce County, GA 6-21-1941
m. Burris Daniel Drawdy (b. 12-17-1910)
born in Wayne County, GA, buried in Shiloh cemetery; baptized at Shiloh Church, Pierce County, GA 11-21-1938; Deacon at Shiloh Church June, 1950-August, 1985.
    children:     Virginia Alene Drawdy Robinson (b. 11-3-1935) - m. Richard Robinson
                        Henry Edward Drawdy (b. 12-5-1937) - m. Lois Marie Everett
                        Joann Drawdy Davis (b. 5-20-1940) - m. Julius C. Davis
                        Nola Mae Drawdy Carter (b. 4-29-1943) - m. Warren Roger Carter
                        James Daniel Drawdy (b. 9-28-1946) - m. Gloria Bowen
                        Jo Allen Drawdy (b. 6-28-1948, d. 1-9-1949)
                        Ellie Jane Drawdy Loudermilk (b. 9-9-1949) - m. William A. Loudermilk
                        Linda Drawdy Griffis Hayden (b. 11-1-1951)
                                m. 1) Melvin Griffis, 2) Lee Hayden
                        Glenda Drawdy Lee (b. 11-1-1951) - m. Larry Lee
                        Ronald Austin Drawdy (b. 6-4-1955, d. 6-10-2000)

                                m. 1) Mary Ann Griner, 2) Beverly Ennis
                        Joseph Franklin Drawdy (b. 2-23-1961) - m. Karen Anderson

Ellie Jane Drawdy Loudermilk (b. 9/9/1949, m. 6/22/1968)
born in Ware County, GA
m. William Alex Loudermilk (b. 2/27/1949)
born in Birmingham, AL
    children:      Jason Wayne Loudermilk (b. 1975, m. 6-12-2004) - m. Margaret Courtney McCammon
                      Sherri Lynn Loudermilk Underwood (b. 1978, m. 6-8-2002) - m. Chris Underwood
                      John David Loudermilk (b. 1985, m. 10-25-2008) m. Sarah Beth Williams


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