Lee Lineage

Richard Henry Lee (b. 1628, d. 3-1-1664)

Richard Lee, the Immigrant, was born in Worcester, England.  His father was John Lee whose business was in Worcester, a prosperous community in western England located along the banks of the Severn River.  More than half of the town’s population engaged in the production of manufactured cloth.   Richard Lee’s mother was Jane Hancock from Twinings, a few miles south of Worcester whose family was also in the cloth trade.  John and Jane Lee’s mill first opened for business in 1615.  As clothiers in Worcester, the Lees had a slight advantage over some of the other manufacturers in the vicinity.  Jane’s father, Edward Hancock, also owned substantial textile factories in Worcester and in nearby Twinings.  John Lee, Richard’s father, died in February 1629, and his wife Jane died in 1639 leaving a will naming her three sons: John, Thomas, and Richard.             

m. Anne Owen Constable (. 2-21-1619, m. 1641-2)

Anne was a ward of Sir John Thoroughgood, a personal attendant to Charles I, King of England. She had accompanied the family of Virginia Governor Sir Francis Wyatt to America in 1639 to escape a certain death from the plague in England, for Anne lost both her parents shortly after her departure. At the time of her marriage to Richard, she was residing at the Wyatt household in Jamestown.  This affiliation soon helped Richard move socially upward within the Colony. It is believed that Richard may also have accompanied Wyatt on his voyage back to America in 1639.  Records have been found to show that Anne was born on February 21, 1619 in London and was baptized in South Scarle, Nottinghamshire, England on February 21, 1622.  She was one of many daughters born to Francis Constable and Alice Owen Constable.  She is buried in the Lee Cemetery at Dividing Creek.   Anne was a very healthy young woman giving birth to ten children including two sets of twins.

   children:       John Lee (b. 1643, d. 1673) – never married

                        Col. Richard Henry Lee II (b. 1647, d. 1715) – m. Laetitia Corbin

                                    (Richard II was the great-great-grandfather of Robert E. Lee)

                        Francis Lee (b. 1648, d. 1714)

                        Col. William Lee  (b. 1651, d. 1696) m. Alice Felton

                        Capt. Hancock Lee I (b. 1653, d. 1709) – m. 1) Mary Kendall, 2) Sarah Allerton

            Elizabeth (Betsey) Lee (b. 1654, d. 1714) – m. 1) Leonard Howson, 2) John Turberville

                        Anne Lee (b. 1654, d. 1701) – m. Thomas Youell

                        Capt. Charles Lee (b. 1655, d. 1701) – m. Elizabeth Medstand


Col. William Lee (b. 1651, d. 1696)

m. Alice Felton

There has been much discussion as to whether William was ever married or left any issue mostly because of missing marriage records and other lost county records.  Some researchers claim he did marry in Northampton, Northumberland County, Virginia but there are no available records to support it.  However, James H. L. Lawler and other Lee researchers have made the supposition that William Lee did marry someone by the name of Alice Felton about 1675.  Also the Log Cabin to the White House book did not give a last name for Alice but did reference that she and William were the parents of William Lee who married Dorothy Taylor.

   children:       Mary Lee (b. 1676) - married 1) William Heath, 2) Bartholomew Schreyer

                        William Lee, Jr. (b. 1678/9, m. 1703, d. 1717) – m. Dorothy Taylor

                        Richard Henry Lee (b. 1680)

                        John C. Lee (b. 1682, d. 1731) – m. Anne Taylor


William Lee, Jr. (b. 1678/9, m. 1703, d. 1717)

Born in Northampton, Northumberland County, Virginia and died in Richmond County, Virginia.

m. Dorothy Taylor

Dorothy was born in 1682 as the daughter of Thomas Taylor and Elizabeth Harwood in Surry, King and Queen County, Virginia. She died on February 25, 1754, and her will was probated in Amelia County, Virginia.  Information on Dorothy comes from the book From Log Cabins to the White House by Mary Taylor Brewer.  After William’s death Dorothy remarried to Thomas Cribbin in 1718 and later to Richard Croucher in 1728.  Dorothy was also left wearing apparel in her mother’s will dated 1717 in Richmond County, Virginia.  Dorothy and her brother were administrators of her husband William Lee’s estate.  Letters of Administration of the Estate of William Lee to Dorothy Lee, relict of William Lee on December 4, 1717 recorded in the Amelia County, Virginia Order Book 7, p. 226 helps prove this lineage.  On April 13, 1745, Dorothy was witness to a will of Henry Williams in Richmond County, Virginia signed by Dorothy Lee Croucher.  This William Lee and Dorothy Taylor are currently being challenged by genealogists and researchers as to their family heritage after having been accepted by the Lee family for over 200 years.

   children:       William Lee (b. 5-14-1704, died 1764) - m. 1) Anne, 2) Mary Thornton about 1746, 3) Jane. William was born in Richmond County, North Farnham Parish, Virginia; his will was probated in Richmond County, Virginia (Will Book 6, p. 361).  William and Anne had four children:  Elizabeth, Nancy Anna, Sarah and Richard.  With Mary Thornton he had four children:  William III, Peter, Mark, and John.  William worked in Lunenburg Parish as overseer on the plantation of Thomas Barber.  His name appears many times between 1740-1750 in court files suing and being sued.  He returned to North Farnham Parish and became a tenant farmer.  Later in life, he lived in poverty. According to author Clara Funai he lived on Lick Run Road and was buried in Bedford County, Virginia. His wife Ave Noel and son Garrett were buried in the same cemetery.  Brewer also stated William’s daughter Nancy Ann Taylor married Joseph Hanks, great-grandfather of President Abraham Lincoln.

                        Charles Lee, Sr.  (b. 9-18-1706, d. 3-15-1799) - m. Rebecca Ann Dabbs about 1732 in Charlotte County or Goochland County, Virginia.                                          

                        Richard Lee (b. 4-9-1711 in Richmond County, Virginia, d. after 1747) - m. Elizabeth Johnson

                        John Lee (b. 10-11-1713, d. 1732)

                        Joseph Lee (b. 1714)


Charles Lee, Sr.  (b. 9-18-1706, d. 3-15-1799)

Born in Richmond or Goochland County, Virginia; baptized in North Farnham Parish Church, Richmond County, Virginia; later he moved to Cumberland County, Virginia in Southam and Littleton Parishes near Farmville when property was given to him by his brother-in-law, Joseph Dabbs, in 1741.  He died in Cumberland County, Virginia in 1799.

m. Rebecca Anne Dabbs (b. 1712, m. c1732, d. 1796)

Anne Dabbs was the daughter of Joseph Dabbs and Nancy Ann Hoggart/Hoggate of Lunenburg County. 

   children:       William Lee (b. c1734) in Cumberland County, Virginia; d. Sept. 1803, Bedford County, Virginia

                        John Lee (b. 1740, d. 1819) – m. Susannah Guttrey (daughter of Henry and Sarah Guttrey)

                        Richard Lee (b. abt. 1741, d. 1814) – m. Tabitha Nowell (Noel); Richard’s estate was distributed to the children of Joseph Dabbs Lee as mentioned in papers of Elizabeth Lee Fowler

                        Charles Lee Jr. (b. 1742) – m. Susanna Pearce on January 18, 1786 (daughter of Jeremiah Pearce); Charles Lee’s estate was distributed on June 8, 1808 to the children of Joseph Dabbs Lee

                        Joseph Dabbs Lee (b. 1744, d. 10-25-1790) – m. Nancy Anne Nowell (Noel)


Joseph Dabbs Lee (b. 1744, d. 10-25-1790)

Born and died in Cumberland County, Virginia.

m. Nancy Anne Nowell (Noel) (b. 1745, m. 1767, d. unknown)

After Joseph’s death, she married Zephaniah Harris in Cumberland County, Virginia on August 9, 1794. 

   children:       Keziah Lee (b. 1762, d. 1830) – m. William Cox in Cumberland County, Virginia on 2-8-1785

                        Joseph Dabbs Lee Jr. (b. 1768, d. 5-23-1845) – m. Sophia T. Garrett in Cumberland County, Virginia on 12-12-1822

                        Seymour Lee (b. 6-15-1769, d. 1830) – m. Nancy Anne Woodruff

                        Elizabeth G. Lee (b. 1770, d. 1867) – m. John B. Fowler in Cumberland County, Virginia on 9-23-1805

                        Anne Lee (b. 4-11-1771, d. 1820) - m. James Donahue on 12-26-1798

                        Sarah Lee (d. 1831, d. 1866) -  m. Edward Vawter (son of Thomas and Elizabeth Pitts Vawter)

                        Mary Lee (b. 1779, d. after 1850) – m. John Williams (b. 1774, d. 1853)

                        William Nowell Lee (b. 1780 in Virginia; d. after 1830 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia) -  m. 1) Elizabeth unknown and 2) Mary L. Smith

                        Charles Barnett Lee (b. 1784, d. 1861) - m. 1) Sarah  “Salley” Conyers Young on 12-12-1803, and 2) Ann Eleanore Scott


William Nowell Lee (b. 1780 in Virginia; d. after 1830 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia)

Born in Cumberland County, Virginia; moved to Oglethorpe County, Georgia after 1793 and before 1804.

m. 1) Elizabeth unknown sometime before 1805

   children:       William Needham Lee (b. 1805, d. 1881) – m. Elizabeth Susannah Hagin in 1826.                      

                        Mary Caroline Lee (b. 2-2-1809, d. 7-8-1906) - m. 1) Phillip Howell, 2) James T. Wilder on October 8, 1836 in Troup County and continued to live there.  She is present on the 1850 Census living in District 800 of                                          Troup County, Georgia. 

m. 2) Mary L. Smith (m. 12-12-1809, d. after 1844)

   children:       Elizabeth Ann Lee (b. 1815, d. after 1905) – m. Samuel B. Cobb about 1843.         

                        Ava Ann Lee (b. 1816) – m. Joseph E. Colquitt on March 17, 1834 in Oglethorpe County.          

                        John S. Lee (b. 1818, d. before 1850) – m. Mary Elizabeth Waters, daughter of Thomas Allen Waters Sr. and Hannah Stewart.  Of this marriage was born sons John S. Jr., James E., Benjamin J., and Allen and one                                              daughter, Martha.  Three of these sons fought in the 47th Georgia Infantry Regiment during the Civil War with the sons of Needham Lee and their service is memorialized by a large marker in Upper Black Creek                                     Cemetery in Bulloch County.  John S. and Mary Elizabeth are buried in the same cemetery in unmarked graves.                                     


William Needham (Needom, Needum, Neadam) Lee, Jr. (b. 1805, m. 9-28-1826, d. 1881,)
Needham Lee was born in Oglethorpe County, Georgia but later moved to Bulloch County, Georgia as a young man. Needham was listed in Bulloch County in the 1830 census but not present in the 1820 census;  he bought two tracts of land in Bulloch County from Joseph Hagin on May 4, 1832; one tract contained 109 acres and the other 100 acres; he is buried in Upper Black Creek Primitive Baptist Church cemetery in Brooklet, Georgia; His will was filed on December 26, 1882.  He won Land Lottery lot 114, District 21, Section l, April 24, 1827. The grave marker lists him being born 1799 but the 1860 & 1870 census lists him being born 1805.  Needham Lee paid the common school fund in 1845 for his children, Elizabeth, William N., Mary M., and Kesiah to attend school at Lastingers School in the Brooklet Community. 
m. Susanna Hagin (b. 9-28-1808, d. c1871)
Daughter of John Jesse Jr. and Nancy Cone Hagin,.  Susannah’s father was born in North Carolina in 1776 and died in Camden County, Georgia in 1822.  He had married Nancy Cone, daughter of William Henry Cone and Keziah Barber, on March 7, 1801 in Bulloch County.  He had signed the petition to the state convention asking that Bulloch County be created from Screven and Bryan Counties in 1803.  Susannah is buried in Upper Black Creek Primitive Baptist Church cemetery in Brooklet, Georgia. The grave marker spells her name Hagan, but the marriage license spells it Hagin.  Susannah’s family also had ties in Oglethorpe County where Needham was raised.  John Hagin, grandfather of Susannah, received head-right lands in the Oglethorpe County area; her aunt Martha Hagin married Allen Parrish in Oglethorpe County.
    children:     Elizabeth Lee Richardson (b. 7-22-1827, m. 2-24-1852, d. 3-16-1894) - m. Henry L. Richardson (b. 12-26-1830, d. 11-23-1911)
                        William Noble (Nobie) Lee (b. 11-10-1829, m. 9-6-1849, d. 6-16-1906)
                                m. 1) Frances (Fannie) E. Jones (b. 1834, d. c1852), 2) Jane E. Waters (b. 10-11-1831, m. 4-15-1852, d. 3-5-1902)
                        Mary Missouri Lee Williams Brack Deal (b. 1-1-1832, d. 3-6-1883)

                                  m. 1) William Berrien (Berry) A. Williams, 2) John Eleazar Brack, 3) Allison Deal  
                        Cassiah (Kesiah) Lee (b. 8-15-1834)
                        Jackson (Jack) V. Lee (b. 4-17-1837, m. 11-28-1855, d. 4-29-1903) - m. Lucinda (Cindy) Martin (b. 2-27-1837, d. 5-15-1911)
                        Joseph W. Lee (b. 8-18-1839, m. 4-18-1866, d. 4-28-1889) - m. Margaret A. E. Waters (b.3-22-1832, d. 7-25-1917)
                        Samuel Eli Lee (b. 3-17-1842, d. 11-30-1921) - m. 1) Sarah M. Buckhalter, 2) Mary E. Dubberly (b.3-28-1847, d. 2-12-1919)
                        Sarah Martha Lee Waters (b. 1845, m. 1866, d. 6-26-1893) - m. Augustus (Gus) William Waters (b. 3-1845, d. 9-26-1909)
                        Seaborn (Cebrion) J. Lee (b. 10-2-1848, d. 11-11-1915) - m. Nettie Sherrod
                        Julia Lee Collins (b. 1852) - m. Thomas Collins
                        Charlie P. Lee (b. 1856) - m. Nancy Sherrod (b. c1841)
m. Jane Elizabeth Wilson (b. 5-16-1834, m. 8-17-1872, d. 9-19-1895)

Widow of Andrew Jackson Wilson; buried in the Waters (Benjamin) Cemetery in Bulloch County, Georgia.
    children:     Piety Rachel Lee Forbes (b. 10-23-1875, d. 2-14-1972) - m. John Walter Forbes (b. 8-1-1867, d. 9-21-1943)

                        (Piety and husband are buried in Eastside Cemetery in Statesboro)
Stepchildren:  Mazelle Wilson - m. Henry Wilson
                        James (Jim) Wilson
                        Anna Eliza Proctor (b. 1858, d. 1888) - m. William M. Proctor (b. 1851, d. 1888)


Samuel Eli Lee (b. 3-17-1842, d. 11-30-1921)
born in Bulloch County, GA, buried in New Hope Primitive Baptist Church cemetery near Hickox, GA
He was an accomplished fiddler by the time he was 11 years of age and his talent was in great demand at community functions.
*He enlisted in the Confederate Army on March 4, 1862 at Camp Davis in Appling County. He was in Company C, 47th Regiment, GA Infantry. He was discharged April 26, 1865 at Greensboro, NC.
m. 1) Mrs. Sarah M. Buckhalter (m. 8-10-1864)
m. 2) Mary E. Dubberly (b. 3-28-1847, d. 2-12-1919)
buried in New Hope Primitive Baptist Church cemetery near Hickox, GA
    children:     Julie Frances Lee Barnard (b. 8-13-1873) - m. Charles Walter Barnard
                        Joseph W. Lee (b. 4-11-1875) - m. Ellen Griffin
                        Missourie Harmony Lee Barnard (b. 3-23-1879, d. 7-14-1955)
                                m. John Owen Barnard (b. 1870, d. 1955)
                        Jim Lee (b. 9-1-1881) - m. Sallie Griffin
                        Burie Gard Lee (b. 11-4-1883, d. 3-14-1951) - m. Susie E. Gill
                        Frank Albritton Lee (b. 2-14-1886, d. 1-5-1964) - m. Mary Ellen Gill

Frank Albritton Lee (b. 2-14-1886, d. 1-5-1964, m. 2-5-1911)
born in Charlton County, GA; died at home in Fernandina Beach, FL; buried in New Hope Primitive Baptist Church cemetery in Hickox, GA
He was reared in Charlton County on a farm. He was taught to read and write. Musically inclined, he taught music to local young people and also taught the Mennonites to “walk off hymn music”.
m. Mary Ellen Gill (b. 5/9/1892, d. 11/13/1982)
born in Pierce County, GA; died in the hospital in Eastman, GA; buried in New Hope Primitive Baptist Church cemetery in Hickox, GA
    children:      Ephriam Osborne Lee (b. 12-14-1912, d. 2-3-1974) - m. Annie Mae Johns
                        Thomas Eli Lee (b. 6-7-1915, d. 7-24-94) m. Annie Louise Henderson
                        Nola Vergalene Lee Drawdy (b. 9-27-1917, d. 10-2-2007) - m. Burris Daniel Drawdy
                        Flora Alene Lee Barber (b. 7-17-1921, d. 5-17-2004) - m. Only James Barber
                        Barnwell Franklin Lee (b. 11-9-1924, d. 1-31-1983) - m. Rose Hiller
                        Delia Geneva Lee Wynn Williamson (b. 9-9-1928, d. 3-1-1982)
                                m. 1) Archie P. Wynn, 2) James Williamson
                        Margaret Ellen Lee Dixon (b. 7-6-1935)
                                m. 1) Sam Ray, 2) Jay E. Dixon

Nola Vergalene Lee Drawdy Lee (b. 9-27-1917, m. 10-31-1934, d. 10-202007)
born in Pierce County, GA; baptized at Shiloh Church, Pierce County, GA 6-21-1941
m. Burris Daniel Drawdy (b. 12-17-1910, d. 8-2-1985)
born in Wayne County, GA, buried in Shiloh cemetery; baptized at Shiloh Church, Pierce County, GA 11-21-1938; Deacon at Shiloh Church June, 1950-August, 1985.
    children:     Virginia Alene Drawdy Robinson (b. 11-3-1935) - m. Richard Robinson (b. 4-4-1934, d. 11-22-2014)
                        Henry Edward Drawdy (b. 12-5-1937, d. 11-29-2013) - m. Lois Marie Everett
                        Joan Drawdy Davis Lee (b. 5-20-1940) - m. 1) Julius C. Davis, 2) Jimmy Lee
                        Nola Mae Drawdy Carter (b. 4-29-1943) - m. Warren Roger Carter
                        James Daniel Drawdy (b. 9-28-1946) - m. Gloria Bowen
                        Jo Allen Drawdy (b. 6-28-1948, d. 1-9-1949)
                        Ellie Jane Drawdy Loudermilk (b. 9-9-1949) - m. William A. Loudermilk
                        Linda Drawdy Griffis Hayden (b. 11-1-1951)
                                m. 1) Melvin Griffis, 2) Lee Hayden
                        Glenda Drawdy Lee (b. 11-1-1951) - m. Larry Lee
                        Ronald Austin Drawdy (b. 6-4-1955, d. 6-10-2000)

                                m. 1) Mary Ann Griner, 2) Beverly Ennis
                        Joseph Franklin Drawdy (b. 2-23-1961) - m. Karen Anderson

Ellie Jane Drawdy Loudermilk (b. 9/9/1949, m. 6/22/1968)
born in Ware County, GA
m. William Alex Loudermilk (b. 2/27/1949)
born in Birmingham, AL
    children:     Jason Wayne Loudermilk (b. 1975, m. 6-12-2004) - m. Margaret Courtney McCammon
                      Sherri Lynn Loudermilk Underwood (b. 1978, m. 6-8-2002) - m. Chris Underwood
                      John David Loudermilk (b. 1985, m. 10-25-2008) – m. Sarah Beth Williams


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