Grant Lineage



 William Grant (Capt) (b. 1732, d. 12-17-1812, m. 1750)

Born in Augusta County, VA; died in Greenville County, SC.

m. Keturah (Kitturah) ------- (b. before 1740; d. before 1812)

died in Greenville County, SC

Children:        William M. Grant (b. 8-3-1761, d. 8-28-1851) m. Mary Polly Portman

                        Elizabeth (Betsy) Grant Caradine (b. 1767, d. 1849) m. Thomas Caradine

                        Catherine "Aunt Katy" Grant Tankersley (m. 1788) - m. Chlarles Tankersley (b. 1760, d. 1840)


William M. Grant (Lt.) (b. 8-3-1761, d. 8-28-1851)

Born in Augusta County, VA; died in Anderson District of SC; buried on the Oconee-Anderson County line across the road fromm his old homesite within view of Coneross Creek, l mile north of  Townville, SC; served in the Revolutionary War.  Records indicate that he served under his father in battles of '96 and Kings Mountain.

m. Mary Polly Portman (b. 1765, d. before 6-5-1803, m. 1784)

Born in Townville, Anderson County, SC.

Children:           Keturah Grant (b. 1785) - m. William Roach

                        John Grant (b. about 1783, d. 1881, m. 1806) - m. Malinda Forrester

                        Nancy Grant Kilgore (b. about 1790, m. 1808) - m. Hiram Kilgore

                        Asa Grant (b. 7-27-1799, d. 1-27-1853) - m. Lucinda Elizabeth Gilbert (b. 3-4-1804, d. 4-4-1884)

                        Matilda Grant Adams (b. about 1800) - m. William Adams

                        George Grant (b. about 1802) - m. Telitha Lanier

m. Mary Burchfield (b. about 1780 in SC, d. 3-25-1863, m. 6-5-1803)

Children:           Richard Grant

                        William Danelly Grant (b. about 1806, d. 1860) - m. Nancy Lanier

                        Mary Celia Grant Forrester (b. about 1810) - m. James Forrester (b. 1800, d. 1-10-1881)

                        Catherine "Aunt Kitty" Grant Moss (b. 5-4-1814, d. 11-12-1846, m. 1-12-1841)

                                m. Fountain Greenwood Moss (b. 7-22-1811, d. 2-7-1881)

                        Noah Grant (b. 6-8-1818, d. 8-9-1895, m. 12-7-1848) - m. Tyrinda R. Marshall



John (Jack) Grant (b. 1785, d. 8-28-1881)

Born in SC; settled in Habersham County shortly after the county was formed in 1818; they appear in the 1820 Census with 4 sons and 2 daughters; buried at Old Mud Creek Cemetery in Dawson County, Georgia

m. Malinda Forrester (b. 1779/1788, d. 1880, m. 1806 in Pendleton District, SC)

buried at Mud Creek in Dawson County, Georgia

Children:           Mary "Polly" Grant Ivie (b. 9-1-1807, d. 6-26-1884, m. 7-19-1827) - m. Willis Rucker Ivie (b. 1-4-1809, d. 7-15-1881)

                                both are buried at Mud Creek Cemetery

                        William Grant (b. 9-15-1807, d. 5-2-1887, m. 3-16-1834) -

                                m. 1) Violet Robertson (b. 5-24-1814, d. 8-1-1873), 2) Emily Allred Ward

                        Thomas Jefferson Grant (b. 2-12-1813, d. 3-6-1902, m. 2-17-1830)

                                buried at B. C. Grant Baptist Church Cemetery

                                m. 1) Mary Robertson (m. 2-17-1830), 2) Anna Jordan (b. 1815, m. 1-11-1835)

                        *James Milton Grant (b. 4-13-1814, d. 1-3-1904, m. 12-4-1832) - m. Elizabeth Walker (b. 1816, d. 2-11-1905)

                        Nancy Grant Walker (b. about 1818, m. 12-15-1832) - m. James Walker

                        Martha Grant Stephens (b. about 1818, d. before 1847, m. 11-14-1840) - m. Littleton Stephens (b. 10-15-1818, d. 5-30-1863)

                        Emeline E. Grant Blackburn (b. about 1820, d. about 1863, m. 4-2-1839) -

                                m. 1) William Blackburn (d. 1-5-1848), 2) John Morris (m. 1-10-1850)



William Grant (b. 9-15-1807, d. 5-2-1887, m. 3-16-1834)

Born in South Carolina; moved to Habersham County, GA about 1818; buried at Level Grove Church Cemetery in Cornelia, GA; his epitaph reads: "The respected peace maker of his community."  He was a teacher, deacon, Justice of the Peace, and a farmer.  He was baptized into Mud Creek Baptist Church on 9-27-1835 and was ordained as a deacon in February, 1839.

m. Violet Robertson (b. 5-24-1814, d. 8-1-1873)

Born in SC; she was the first person to be buried at Level Grove Church Cemetery in Cornelia, GA which was part of William Grant's estate; her epitaph reads: "Asleep in Jesus, happy sleep from which none ever wake to weep."

Billy and Violet had ten sons (lst died in infancy).  Of the remaining nine, six served in the Confederacy.  Eight of the sons are buried at Level Grove Cemetery.  Land for that part of the cemetery was given by William Grant.  Violet was the first person buried there.  Today their graves are marked with the tallest obelisk in the cemetery inscribed with Violet's epitaph:  "She hath done what she could."  Their sons served Habersham County as Tax Receiver, Tax Collector, Sheriff, Legislator, School Superintendent, and Justice of Peace.

Children:           *Infant Grant

                        *John Cicero "Jackie" Grant (b. 10-16-1832, d. 10-12-1908, m. 9-12-1863)

                                m. Allie Louvenah (Louvenia) Deanors (b. 4-8-1847, d. 4-25-1919)

                        James Hampton (Jim Hamp) Grant (b. 2-1-1838, d. 9-9-1925) - m. Mary Faulkner Grant

                        *Alexander Peter Grant (b. 6-18-1840, d. 5-15-1919) - m. Triphenia Herrin (b. 10-22-1842, d. 10-22-1933)

                        *Thomas Benton Grant (b. 2-11-1843, d. 6-22-1914)

m. E. Victoria Martin (b. 12-5-1854, d. 7-27-1932

                        *William Phillip (Buck) Grant (b. 7-14-1845, d. 5-14-1882)

                        George Washington (Dock) Grant (b. 10-9-1847, d. 5-12-1925)

m. Martha J. Morris (b. 3-18-1864, d. 1-18-1937)

                        Benjamin Worth Grant (b. 2-11-1850, d. 3-9-1929, m. 2-1-1876, served as School Superintendent)

                                    m. Susie Smith (b. 3-1-1850, d. 12-31-1922)

                        *Calloway Williford Grant (b. 2-25-1852, d. 12-1-1941)

m. Mary R. ----- (b. 5-20-1862, d. 10-8-1957)

                        *Paul F. Grant (b. 8-4-1854, d. 1-2-1914, served as Sheriff) - m. Rachel Ann Allison (b. 1862, d. 1946)

m. Emily Allred Ward; Emily was a widow and she and William had no children.



Paul Furr Grant (b. 8-4-1854, d. 1-2-1914, m. 2-18-1877)

Buried at Level Grove Church Cemetery in Cornelia, GA; his epitaph reads:  "A truer, nobler heart naer beat within human breast."  He was Justice of the Peace, Sheriff of Habersham County, and later operated the "Poor Farm" for paupers.

m. Rachel Ann Allison Grant (b. 5-9-1862, d. 9-9-1946)

Buried at Level Grove Church Cemetery in Cornelia, GA.

Children:           Mary Victoria Grant Loudermilk (b. 9-13-1883, d. 5-13-1957, m. 5-18-1897) - m. Alex E. Loudermilk

                        Jim Hampton Grant

                        C. W. "Doc" Grant (b, 4-11-1880, d. 3-28-1907)

                        *Willie Grant (b. 4-11-1881, d. 3-28-1907) - unmarried

                        Benjamin Worth Grant (b. 7-5-1875, d. 1-15-1972)

                                m. Minnie May Scroggs (b. 5-30-1878, d. 9-17-1943)

                        Thomas Benten Grant

                        Peter Grant

                        John Grant



Mary Victoria Grant (b. 9-13-1883, d. 5-13-1957, m. 5-18-1897)

Born in Habersham County, GA; buried at Hazel Creek Church Cemetery in Mt. Airy, GA.

m. Alex Ervin Loudermilk  (b. 11-3-1880, d. 4-10-1938)

born in Habersham County, GA; buried at Hazel Creek Church Cemetery in Mt. Airy, GA.

children:        Paul Ervin Loudermilk (b. 10-16-1903, d. 4-8-1953, m. 7-13-1925) - m. Minnie Belle Franklin
                     Charles William Loudermilk (b. 12-15-1906, d. 12-21-1968)

                                m. 1) Lena Duncan (m. 7-26-1926), 2) Dessie Dithulia Swaney Phillips (m. 1-25-1941)

                     Ruth Violet Loudermilk Rush (b. 2-17-1909, m. 12-23-1927) - m. Bert Rush
                     Joe Merideth Loudermilk (b. 3-19-1913, d. 2-5-1969) - m. Azalea Ellerfair Amerson (b. 3-16-1909, d. 12-15-1969)
                    William Alec "Bill" Loudermilk (b. 9-17-1915, d. 7-13-1944) - killed in World War II in Normandy, France
                     Jake Grant Loudermilk (b. 8-28-1918, d. 3-30-1988) - m. Lorraine -----

Charles William Loudermilk (b. 12-15-1906, d. 12-21-1968, m. 1-25-1941)

Born in Habersham County, GA; died in Atlanta, GA; buried at Hazel Creek Church Cemetery in Mt. Airy, GA.
m. Lena Duncan Loudermilk (d. 1-28-1928) - Lena died at home, 437 Central Avenue, Atlanta, GA due to childbirth complications
        children:    unknown child died at birth (b. 1-8-1928)
m. Dessie Dithulia Swaney Phillips (b. 5-29-1913, d. 9-15-1994, m. 2-13-1933)

Born in Fairmount, GA; died in Perry, GA; buried at Hazel Creek Church Cemetery in Mt. Airy, GA
        children:   William Alex Loudermilk (b. 2-27-1949, m. 6-22-1968) - m. Ellie Drawdy



William Alex Loudermilk (b. 2-27-1949, m. 6-22-1968)

born in Birmingham, AL

m. Ellie Drawdy (b. 9-9-1949)

born in Waycross, GA

children:            Jason Wayne Loudermilk (b. 1975, m. 6-12-2004) - m. Margaret Courtney McCammon

                        Sherri Lynn Loudermilk Underwood (b. 1978, m. 6-8-2002) - m. Chris Underwood

                        John David Loudermilk (b. 1985, m. 10-25-2008) m. Sarah Beth Williams







Note:  * denotes burial in Level Grove Church Cemetery in Cornelia, GA.





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